Makeup ideas for bride

Best makeup ideas for bride in 2018

Glitter on the lips – makeup ideas for bride

The famous make-up artist Pat McGrath introduced her lips completely covered in sequins and it became a cool makeup ideas for bride. Most likely this trend will only become more popular.

How to make glitter on the lips?

This make-up of the lips is very simple. It is necessary to make up the lips, lipstick should be chosen glossy or matte. Then dip your finger in a jar of sparkles and hold it over your lips.

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Metal eyebrows – makeup ideas for bride

Another great makeup ideas for bride is the eyebrow with a metallic tinge.

How to make metal eyebrows?

Mix a smear of transparent gel for eyebrows with bronze or copper shades, and then apply on the eyebrows.

Flicker on the face – makeup ideas for bride

A good makeup ideas for bride will be flicker. If last year, special attention was paid to the area around the eyes, this year the whole face can be shimmered.

How to make a flicker on the face?

First, you need to choose the means for a radiant face with a non-sticky formula. Apply should be on the cheekbones, the area around the eyes and the clavicle.